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3RAC-MHS8/GO/V2 dissipatore con ventola

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3RAC-MHS8/GO/V2 dissipatore con ventola
8,90 €

Dissipatore di calore con ventola di raffreddamento. Per per motori taglia 540 - 550 - 560 per modelli scala 1:10 e 1:8



Diametro interno 35mm

Colore: Giallo

Extended Motor Heat Sink W/ Fan Ver.2 For 540 Motor (Fan-Shaped) - Gold


When a motor over-heated, RPM falls, car performance is negatively affected. A fast rotational speed fan is especially needed in hot summer time. New from 3Racing is version 2 Motor Heat Sink with Fan, which can grasp the motor firmly and cool it down with 14000 rolls per minute. The Heat Sink with extension aluminium plate weighs 23 grams which is extraordinary light and can be used for few hours successively. This new part is applicable for 05 series and any 540 motors. 7 colors available, choose one for your car right now.

Ulteriori informazioni

Ulteriori informazioni

Codice 3RAC-MHS8/GO/V2
Peso (kg) 0.1200
Marca 3Racing
Classe Prodotto Articolo per modellismo
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